Friday, February 26, 2010


It occurred to me after posting about Luna that I never had an introduction of Poppy. Poppy came to Canada from Korea with my wife's return about a week after Toki arrived. With her getting back and the wedding plans and all, I never actually posted anything about Poppy. Sorry Poppy.
Poppy has had a pretty rough life so here's the story.

Poppy (back then known as Tweety) was found abandoned by the side of the road in Korea at 6 months. A volunteer with an animal rescue site there took her in and put her up on the site. She was adopted by a foreign English teacher who took care of her for the next 4 months but unfortunately was fired from her job and had to go back to the United States. Unable to afford to take Poppy with her, Poppy was again posted on the rescue site. Added to this, the owner had decided to keep Poppy inside for those 4 months because of her fear of strangers and noises. With little exposure to the world during her formative year, she was even more nervous of everything.

Poppy didn't get adopted before her owner had to leave, so she took Poppy to a local veterinarian and asked them to find her a home, telling the shelter that she had just found Poppy on the street. In Korea, by law animals must be held for only 10 days before being euthanized. The volunteers from the rescue site were able to find out where Poppy was located on the 10th day. So Poppy was placed in foster care but needed to find a new home because her foster family was also moving back to United States in a couple of months. That's where my wife stepped in.

She took her in and had her for about 3 months before they both came back to Canada. She was still a bit of a wreck when she got here, but she's really came a long way in that time. Starting from being so afraid of the outside that she would pee while being carried out of the apartment at night, she now absolutely loves going out for walks. She was initially very afraid everyone but within a few weeks she settled down with me and over the past few months she's opened up to our friends when they're over, excited to see them, friends, loving, and not hiding out of sight. She's such a sweet heart and loves nothing more than to sit on my, or my wife's, lap and be near us.

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