Monday, April 27, 2009

Ah, Giant Abraham Lincoln In Space

My fiancee was working on a PowerPoint presentation for her class this morning. The class involved history on slavery as she had a section to do on Lincoln. So, being helpful I sent her these images from a quick google search:
Ah Star Trek. The episode where the Enterprise encounters a giant Abraham Lincoln in space. For some reason she chose not to use the images I sent.
Actually, despite what you may think if you've never seen this episode, it's not bad. It also has the first canon appearance and reference to Kahless, the Klingon Jesus figure as well as Surak, a Vulcan historical figure.

Anyway, there is your classic Trek history lesson for the day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

D&D Podcast

Last year Wizards put out a 8 part podcast series of the folks at Penny Arcade and PvP playing an adventure with Christ Perkins. A couple months ago they started another with Wil Wheaton (of Trek and internet geekdom fame) added to the team. I've quite enjoyed listening to these on my morning commutes and with the last episode wrapping up last week, I'm thinking I can't wait until they do another (and I hope they do)!

High points for me included the awesomeness of Jim Darkmagic (of the New Hampshire Darkmagics), the party Wizard. He pulled out the rolls and rocked the first series, and in this second he did not disappoint. Jokes of his legendary powers throughout the series (You? You are not Jim Darkmagic. Jim Darkmagic is seven feet tall! With a shock of red hair!) had me laughing on the subway with people staring.

Of particular amusement in the final part was Jerry's (the Cleric, Omin) consistent rolling of ones. We've all been there, and you feel sorry for him, as he sounds pretty upset during the final fight when he rolled double ones on his attack (Wil used a power to give him a reroll), but at the same time the banter directed at him was pretty funny. They posted a comic of his final attack with quotes straight from the recording:
And Wil posted a power card of the attack he personally was going to use on Jerry if he missed: "Wheaton's Vicious Cock Punch of Furious Anger"

Anyway, the point of this all is to say the series is a fun way to pass some time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wedding Dress Woes

With my fiancee's year trip to Korea, we've already done a lot of planning for our wedding so as to be ready for the fall.

There's a lot of superstition around weddings, and it gets a little ridiculous when you tell people something and they are beside themselves in shock, thinking your relationship is now on the rocks over the littlest thing. Yes, I know what my fiancee's wedding dress looks like, and I don't think the world has ended.

My fiancee occasionally goes on this forum, weddingbells, which is a congregation and focus of all women really obsessed with their weddings (I know, it's fully understandable...biggest day of your life and all...).

She occasionally finds posts like these, where her response is, "I've lost a bit of my hope for humanity":

So we got some of our engagement photos back "edited", and when I loaded them on my computer, I didn't notice they were loaded into my "dress" folder. So he was sitting next to me & we went through the photos, we got to the last e-pic & the next one was of me at the bridal shop in the dress I ordered (when I was trying them on).

I gasped & covered the screen right away....and now I am freaking. I've since been hunting for a new dress (well, just looking online), but can't find one I like nearly as much.

What to do? will he remember my dress? I'm so upset that I was sooo stupid & didn't watch where I loaded the pics.

She would actually consider buying a new dress over this? Whoa...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools' Day - You're Being Watched

An office April Fool's prank.

As my company is a telehealth organization and thus deals with both patient data and video cameras, you can imagine that security and privacy are important issues. Well, someone (I suspect I know who), posted this in the hallway to the washroom for April Fool's day. It was quite well received and quite well done. Several have commented on the level of quality of the poster, which has a very professional ring to it.