Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Year Aniversary

The fact that I've actually kept up posting for two years amazes me. There are off months to be sure, but I really enjoy sharing whatever to whoever happens to read this.

To quote my original introduction:

I do not have vast or far reaching plan for this blog or any specific topic or theme. This will simply be a place where I will post news, things that amuse me, various pictures, etc.

I suspect that no one will really read this, but if you do, feel free to leave a comment so I know that there's someone out there.
It is true, this is one of those personal blogs about my life, thoughts, etc.. It does not have a focus, but I hope if you are reading this that you are actually enjoying yourself. Or something. Regardless, feel free to comment.

Last year I shot out the stats that I had had "1214 visitors in the past year with a bounce rate of 68%." Well this past year it looks like 2159 visitors with a 76% bounce. So I apparently have more random people finding me but have fewer actually reading much. But for my blog's purpose, I'm cool with that.

I will point out the Korean Adventure posts (which I'm fairly proud of), describing my first trip to Korea. There is also the truncated, unfinished,
My Korean Adventure 2 / Japanese Adventure, which you may one day be able to read in it's entirety.

Anyhow, a good day to you.