Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The New (And Their No Longer Crappy Code)

A few months ago I posted about the changes to that horribly broke my ability to log in and order pizza. I tried logging in every couple of days for a week or two after that just to see how long they would take to fix it. I gave up after a little bit and have phoned in my order a couple of times since then. Well, I tried again tonight and it looks like they fixed it at some point. The first account that had a user name and incorrect password let me log in and change the email! The other account, which I had created but couldn't fill in the details, was apparently created, just without any address information. I've since filled both of them in, and everything appears to work. So, a little behind, but seems they got their act together. But seriously, how could anyone go live with their original, untested system.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thoughts On The End Of Galactica

Just watched this past week's episode of Battlestar Galactica. The second last episode, and it was good stuff. I have really enjoyed this second half of the season much more than the first, or the second half of season 3 for that matter. The following contains spoilers, so for those of you waiting for some DVD box set or something (which I will refuse to buy due to the network's constant screwing with viewers over scheduling), you should stop reading now.

The end of last episode, with Adama's decision to abandon ship, left me thinking that there just needed to be one last huge battle that the Galactica would participant in. From this episode, looks like I won't be disappointed. Next episode is going to be huge!

The series has had so many unanswered questions throughout, that despite all the reveals over the past few episodes (particularly the "Final Five" explained), there is still so much they have to cram into the final episode; luckily it's two hours long. We should get the reveal of what actually happened to Starbuck when she "died" as well as Hera's connection to her and the Cylons. They've been dealing with this so the past couple episodes, so it's pretty much a guarantee that they'll tell us.

Hopefully too, we'll get an explanation of Baltar's "imaginary Six" and her plan. If this isn't revealed, I'll be fairly disappointed considering this has been a question since the very beginning.

I find myself debating whether the Galactica will survive the final battle. I can see it being destroyed in one last blaze of glory, but also I think a final victory, escape, and touching abandonment would be more fulfilling. That being said, I can also see the Galactica lasting thorough the series. The old girl could definitely pull off some sort of miraculous regeneration in the final moments of battle. I mean, they really haven't done anything with that Cylon guck that they've applied to the hull besides complain that it hasn't worked. With two episodes devoted to it, there's definitely some sort of surprise there. Consider the electrical control that Anders was able to exert and the hints at him controlling the jump drive. I find the idea that he wakes at a particularly grim moment next episode and sends an electrical pulse through the ship that ignites the Cylon guck and causes it the harder the hull giving it the strength to resist the battle. Maybe not quite that far, it could only be that he just manages to activate the jump drive in the last second and allow the ship to escape. Anyway, I'm just saying that Anders and the Cyclon guck haven't been dealt with fully and will more than likely play a pivotal role, there must be an ace up the writer's sleeves for an unexpected victory.

Anyway, I look forward to Friday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We'll Miss You Nelly-belly

Last night our cat Nelson (full name: Nelson II The Revenge) was put to sleep. He was suffering from neurological problems, likely caused by multiple strokes or a brain tumour.

My fiancee found him on the streets, on a cold winter night just over 6 years ago. Frostbite from the ordeal gave him his cropped ears. She took him in, and he brought so much joy to our lives. She was living on her own back then, and they both loved each other's company. He's been a wonderful pet and a good friend and has also kept me company these past 6 months that my fiancee has been in Korea. He was such a neurotic and crazy cat, and not always the easiest for us to to care for, but he's been our baby and we'll miss him so much.

Rest in peace, Nelson.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meeting Band Names

Been in more meetings at work the past couple of months than I used to. I have yet to discover a really good band name from them. In fact most of these aren't very good, but there are a couple:

  • Hardware Oriented Projects
  • Glob of Features
  • Killed Like Christmas
  • Circle of Dependency
EDIT: After re-reading this post, I have to say, I really like two of these. "Circle of Dependency" and "Killed Like Christmas" would make great band names!