Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Work and Nerdy Band Names

I had a rather mind-numbing meeting at work today that went on for nearly 2 hours, and cut greatly into lunch.

I like to amuse myself during boring meetings with little games. One of my favourites is listening to the conversation and deciding on what phrases, terms, acronyms, etc. would be good geeky band names.

Today’s meeting turned out to be useless for me, and to top it off, I didn't even get any good names.

For example, the top contender of the day was: "A target called reference".

Which is clearly not that good of a band name, though it beats out: "A target called fiscal08".

On a side note, I think a good name for some Nerdcore group could be: "assert TRUE".

EDIT: What am I on? "assert FALSE" would be better.

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