Monday, September 29, 2008

12 Years And It's Still Got It

12 Year Old McDonalds burger looks as good as a fresh one.

This didn't really shock me. I mean, I know these things are mostly preservatives. I know that McDonalds shakes are mixed at a chemical plant near my parent's home in Scarborough. I saw Super Size Me and thought, "Did anyone expect anything different?" And you know what, I don't really care. I'll still eat McDonalds (and other fast food, McDonalds is hardly the only nutrition-less food) on occasion because it's tasty. It's also the most awesome hangover cure ever. Really, in the above article, she states, "It is not a treat," but it is.

Ya, please do not eat this stuff daily, but it's hardly the only food we have that's bad for us. Besides, as my fiancee joked when she sent me this link, "It's like the fountain of youth; all those preservatives inside me"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Inappropriate Jokes

There's been a bit of a controversy raised over a few jokes that the agriculture minister, Gerry Ritz made during the recent listeriosis outbreak, with calls for him to be dismissed. Apparently, during a private conversation, he remarked that the outbreak was "a death by a thousand cuts - or should I say cold cuts."

Ya. Kinda inappropriate considering 17 people have died. That being said, it was a good joke. Insensitive, but at least he landed it.

It definitely needs an apology (which he has done), but really, a dismissal? It was a private conversation during a highly stressful time, and we don't know the tone of the conversation or the full context. I crack the occasional joke during stressful times, and while I'm not saying that what he said can be appropriate in any circumstances, I also feel that depending on the tone it could have been less inappropriate.

It's insensitive anyway you slice it (now I could easily insert a tainted sliced meat joke here), but the dude has apologized, does he really need to loose his job because of this? I mean, if a job should be lost, it should be over the changes to meat inspection that perhaps allowed this in the first place, as has been mentioned by several people, including simply Dion (of course he did, there's an election coming up). Anyhow, the first article also quotes, "It is going to affect the outcome of the election," which sadly or happily, I don't think it will.


From a game of Netrek about a week ago:


Update: Ok, so if an explanation is required: The Q keys quits the game, self-destructing your ship.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Korean Fried Chicken Snacks

Another choice item from Korea town! Yes, Fried Chicken cracker/chip like things!

They don't quite taste like fried chicken really, but, maybe a little if you imagine it. They are however strangely addictive.

Also, they have this comic, or advertisement, or something on the inside of the box. Can't read it, so I have no idea what it is exactly. Anyhow.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Goddamn Batman Strikes Again

So, one of my early posts was a brief description of All Star Batman and Robin, Frank Miller's horrible non-continuity train wreck of a comic. Well, issue 10 came out yesterday, and has been recalled due to issues with the censoring of some of the over-the-top language.

First, for those keeping track, issue 1 came out summer 2005. Here we are Sept. 2008 with issue 10. Hmmm...3 years for 10 issues? It was supposed to be bi-monthly. Ya, this series pretty much sucks in every way.

Anyway, about the censoring. Previous issues had some of the words blanked. Things like: Fuck, Shit, Cunt, etc. and this issue was no different. However, the underlying ink of the offending word reflects in a different way than the black box printed over it, making the word stand out. This has led to DC to issue a recall. You can read about it here and here, but here's a quick re-post of one of the offending areas:

Fuck me that little cunt stole my board!

Fuck you twice, dickwad, you let a fucking little piece of jailbait ass steal your wheels...

Yup, that seems like Miller nowadays, why'd they give him a Batman book again?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, as I've mentioned, I bought my Asus Eee PC 901 a few weeks ago. I'm quite pleased with it, and have been enjoying playing around and tweaking, not only the default Xandros linux, but also Ubuntu on an SD card. Well, I stumbled upon this page and video today, which reviews many of the netbooks currently on the market. He pretty much sums up the process I went through when deciding on the 901. Basically, it's a little more expensive than the average netbook, but it's fairly powerful as compared to some others, a good size and weight, and has one of the best battery lives. That was a key point for me, if I didn't care about the battery, I would have probably gone with an Eee PC 900 (which has 2-2.5 hours of life).

Anyway, I'm very happy with it, but I'm sure that within a few months, new Netbooks will put mine to shame but isn't that the way with all computer purchases? Though, with the projected specs of Lenovo's or Dell's new Netbooks (which are cheaper, but not really superior), it might not be till the new year.

Oh yes, and I just read about a Commodore-branded netbook, which gives me a warm and fuzzy nostalgia feeling. Then again, I still have 2 C64s (a C64 and a C64C), and an Amiga 2000, and 4000 working at home, so I can really get the nostalgia whenever I want.

A Voice In The Wilderness

I just saw on the news that the movie trail voice guy, Don LaFontaine, sadly died today. I know that pretty much everyone has heard his voice, as he's been doing this for a while and has a huge number of credits to his name.