Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Goddamn Batman Strikes Again

So, one of my early posts was a brief description of All Star Batman and Robin, Frank Miller's horrible non-continuity train wreck of a comic. Well, issue 10 came out yesterday, and has been recalled due to issues with the censoring of some of the over-the-top language.

First, for those keeping track, issue 1 came out summer 2005. Here we are Sept. 2008 with issue 10. Hmmm...3 years for 10 issues? It was supposed to be bi-monthly. Ya, this series pretty much sucks in every way.

Anyway, about the censoring. Previous issues had some of the words blanked. Things like: Fuck, Shit, Cunt, etc. and this issue was no different. However, the underlying ink of the offending word reflects in a different way than the black box printed over it, making the word stand out. This has led to DC to issue a recall. You can read about it here and here, but here's a quick re-post of one of the offending areas:

Fuck me that little cunt stole my board!

Fuck you twice, dickwad, you let a fucking little piece of jailbait ass steal your wheels...

Yup, that seems like Miller nowadays, why'd they give him a Batman book again?

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