Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is an awesome baby outfit that I picked up from Jinx a few years ago:
D&D woot! Anyway, back when I bought it I had no kids, but I figured I would someday and didn't want to miss this.

Well, my announcement is that I'm now a daddy and this will be put to use sooner than later!

So, ya, I haven't posted for 6 months. Part of this was the whole baby/pregnancy thing. Part was that I had been slowing down in posting prior to that. Part was also a few other activities I was involved in.

So I plan to start posting again, or at least try to.

What's been going on the past while?
  1. Had a baby
  2. Got hired by my company full time (rather than contract)
  3. Fired up a website, FMyCatsLife, which is a semi-spoof/content specific version of the excellent FMyLife
  4. Done numerous computer replacements and upgrades at home
  5. Played a fair bit of Team Fortress 2
  6. Life in general
So, that's where things are. Sorry, no pictures or details of the little one here yet. I'm still trying to figure out where I stand on posting about her, and since you can never truly remove something from the internet, I'd rather take it slow. Those who know me well have probably seen her on facebook.

Note about the baby outfit:
The AC is technically wrong. They list it as 6 because on the Base AC 10 minus 4 from the Dex of 3. However, they forgot size bonuses. Since babies are clearly small creatures, by D&D 3.5 rules, they get a +1 size modifier to AC, which would make it an AC 7.