Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Goddamn Batman

I love this image. True awesomeness. Thanks to Alex for pointing this out to me. Ah, Batman. More Goddamn Batman pictures here.

For those who don't know, the line, "I'm the goddamn Batman!" has been floating around the net for a couple of years now, ever since it's introduction in the new series "All Star Batman and Robin".
For a quick history:

The "All Star" titles were sort of DC's answer to Marvel's extremely successful "Ultimate" line such as Ultimate Spiderman, Ultimate X-Men and The Ultimates (which is essentially Ultimate Avengers and is a truly excellently written series).
The Ultimate titles were re-imagined stories
told with a modern-day perspective and such. They were not restricted to continuity of previous comic events, or even by character details. They keep true to the essence of the story, but try to make it fresh and new-reader friendly.

The DC All Star titles are similarly fresh stories and out of continuity events. All Star Batman is written by Frank Miller, the man who gave us Sin City, 300 and several Batman stories: the excellent Batman: Year One and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and the horrible Dark Knight Strikes Again. It is a retelling of Batman and Robin's meeting, with a twist. "Twist" means that it is an over the top exercise in crack.

Not only does it have gems like the goddamn batman line, but the combination of Miller as writer, and Jim Lee for art, two of the slowest and most behind schedule people in the industry , meant that after releasing issue #1 in the summer of 2005, we're only reaching issue #9 next month! Only a single issue came out in all of 2006!!! Not that it matters because, like I said, the series is a acid trip of bad writing.

I-Mockery does a much better job illustrating how bad the series is than I could. It's a good read.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Something different

I came into work today to discover my monitors had been replaced with LCDs and I suddenly had more desk space. Apparently the tech division (which has been CRT-free for a year or something) just got nice new widescreen monitors, so the old ones were shunted our way. Cool.

The old monitors are sitting in the near-empty next office over. The one on the far right was mine (along with one of the smaller ones).

Sunday, January 27, 2008

You truely are the king of pizzas

So, my local pizza place, King Slice has these absolutely ginormous pizza slices.
My friend Daniel would always tell me of their hugeness, but I didn't really believe. I mean, I've had Amato's (large but over rated AND poor business practises), Massimo's (really good, and very large), and the places along Spadina and Harbord (Papa Ceo and Pizza Cora), so I thought I knew what a huge pizza slice I understand. We went in and got some slices after we moved into the area, and they're just huge!!! Eating in, they give you 2 plates to hold the single slice, which they slice into 2 if you'd like. Ordering takeout, the two slices get put into a single box, and barely fit.

They are just massive, these slices. I measured the length of my slice to be almost 15 inches, meaning a 28-30 inch pizza went into the oven!!! I decided to take pictures to spread the hugeness.

Me and a ginormous slice

Two slices, in one box

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stupid Macs

I just want to mention a fact that I think gets overlooked often; Apple can't spell.

The Apple Macintosh, you know, those stylish popular computers and laptops, they're spelt incorrectly. The apple, the actual fruit, is spelt McIntosh. You would think that the company "Apple" would perhaps use the spelling of the apple for their computer, but they didn't.

This fact did not escape people in the 80s and early 90s, but it seems today that no one seems to give it a second thought. Beyond the Mac vs Mc spelling, Apple fails to capitalize the "I", but that's just nitpicking. Still, Apple can't spell.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cool Words

There are a bunch of words and names that I just love the sound of and like to wander around saying to myself just the hear them roll off my tongue. These include:

  • Soliloquy
  • Cornish Hen
  • Pseudo
  • Quinoa
Just thought that I'd share.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Old Stuff First

This is just a picture I took a year ago, but just love and thus need to post here.

Studying for exams, I came across this on the blackboard of one of the reading alcoves the Bahen Center.

I think we've all been here before, and come up with similar study plans. I'm so happy exams are done for another few months.

Ah, third day of my blog and already I am reusing material....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Introduction

And this should probably have been my first post, but it's not.

I do not have vast or far reaching plan for this blog or any specific topic or theme. This will simply be a place where I will post news, things that amuse me, various pictures, etc.

I suspect that no one will really read this, but if you do, feel free to leave a comment so I know that there's someone out there.

Regardless, this is my soap box, even if it turns out to be a soap box inside my own home.

Dungeon Siege sounds a bad way.

After reading a review of the new Dungeon Siege movie, I've decided that I want to see it.

Now, I never played the game much, or really understood any obsessions over it, and the movie based off of it looks just horrible. But, after reading this review, it sounds horrible in a funny, b-movie way.

Just read this, the movie sounds like absolute trash, but trash that you could enjoy if you go in expecting trash. I saw the Dungeons and Dragons movie, and it was bad, really bad. But it actually pretty fun to watch and make fun of. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to pay to see this movie, but I plan on watching it for free someday. Matthew Lillard afterall is awesome.

The review from the metro:

Like Uwe Boll’s previous films, In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale is based on a video game. It has many action sequences, most of which are shot with swirling cameras. It has an eclectic cast, including several real actors who pop up because they were available to shoot in Vancouver for a few days. And, in what’s becoming a Boll signature, its female cast members wear low-cut tops, even when they probably shouldn’t.

The good news is that In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale is probably Boll’s best picture to date. (I haven’t seen the still-unreleased Postal.) That’s still not saying much; most of it is laughably silly, hammily acted and slightly demented, the work of a man who thinks the Lord Of The Rings movies would have been a lot better if they’d had ninjas as well as Orcs.

In the Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale thus follows a Tolkienesque warrior’s quest in which a humble farmer (Jason Statham) battles the evil, village-burning raiders who have abducted his wife (Claire Forlani) and soon finds himself fighting alongside his king (Burt Reynolds!) for the future of their land.

It’s the villains who provide the movie with its best moments, because they’re played by actors who know precisely what kind of trash they’re stuck inside. Matthew Lillard, channelling John Malkovich, and Ray Liotta, channelling a drunk and coked-up Ray Liotta, have a grand old time chewing whatever scenery and dialogue comes their way.

Where Statham’s scenes plod through their solemn paces, Lillard and Liotta’s bounce with antic, idiot glee — enough to make you wish Boll had decided to feature them as the central characters. Here’s hoping they land a prequel deal.