Sunday, January 27, 2008

You truely are the king of pizzas

So, my local pizza place, King Slice has these absolutely ginormous pizza slices.
My friend Daniel would always tell me of their hugeness, but I didn't really believe. I mean, I've had Amato's (large but over rated AND poor business practises), Massimo's (really good, and very large), and the places along Spadina and Harbord (Papa Ceo and Pizza Cora), so I thought I knew what a huge pizza slice I understand. We went in and got some slices after we moved into the area, and they're just huge!!! Eating in, they give you 2 plates to hold the single slice, which they slice into 2 if you'd like. Ordering takeout, the two slices get put into a single box, and barely fit.

They are just massive, these slices. I measured the length of my slice to be almost 15 inches, meaning a 28-30 inch pizza went into the oven!!! I decided to take pictures to spread the hugeness.

Me and a ginormous slice

Two slices, in one box

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