Friday, March 19, 2010

Is That Even Really Coffee

I've been visiting McDonald's a bit more lately for reasons I'll not go into right now.
And I've been noticing things.

First, McDonald's has been giving away coffee for free in the mornings for the past few weeks, as a promotion of their new coffee. What I've been noticing are the number of people who take this free coffee yet clearly are not regular coffee drinkers.

Many are like, "Oh? It's free? Wow, well I guess I'll take one then." Which I suppose means that the promotion is working, as these people clearly wouldn't have tried it otherwise.

The other thing, most of these people seem to be ordering triple-triple (3 x sugar, 3 x milk/cream), so my guess is that they don't particularly like coffee to begin with.

I've also seen a lot of highschool students ordering free coffee, and I'm pretty sure almost all of these are not regular coffee drinkers. Every highschooler I've seen order one has gone triple-triple, except one, who ordered, "five-and-five." The staff worker looked at him and replied, "Seriously??" and rolled her eyes. Five-and-five? Is there any actual coffee in that?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stuff On The Street

Spring time is here. Spring cleaning is a time of finding stuff on the street put out for garbage!
I love seeing amusing things left on the side of the road. I like to snap a picture when I can.

This is a chesterfield from down the street: