Monday, September 29, 2008

12 Years And It's Still Got It

12 Year Old McDonalds burger looks as good as a fresh one.

This didn't really shock me. I mean, I know these things are mostly preservatives. I know that McDonalds shakes are mixed at a chemical plant near my parent's home in Scarborough. I saw Super Size Me and thought, "Did anyone expect anything different?" And you know what, I don't really care. I'll still eat McDonalds (and other fast food, McDonalds is hardly the only nutrition-less food) on occasion because it's tasty. It's also the most awesome hangover cure ever. Really, in the above article, she states, "It is not a treat," but it is.

Ya, please do not eat this stuff daily, but it's hardly the only food we have that's bad for us. Besides, as my fiancee joked when she sent me this link, "It's like the fountain of youth; all those preservatives inside me"

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