Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Subway Cars

I was supposed to post these pictures a month ago when I took them at The Ex. Last year the TTC showcased two of the competing street car designs they were considering (one from Bombardier the other from Siemens) . Turns out that neither made it through, and the TTC has reopened bidding, but regardless, this year they were showing a sample of the new subway cars they're planning to purchase.

The interior, at least of this sample, wasn't too different than what's currently in use, with the seats looking pretty much the same. The new seems more spacious though, feeling wider on the inside. It featured hand grips running down the center of the car which will be useful. There were also signs to point out the next station, and the subway system map on the side was lit up with LEDs (not sure exactly what for). It looked good.

Oh yes, and the new map featured the new stations planned for the University/Spadina line.

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