Thursday, February 18, 2010

Introducing Luna

Here is the latest member of our family, Luna.

She was seized from a puppy mill in Drummondville, Quebec where she had a tough life and not much contact with people, but we picked her up from Toronto Animal Services and she's come a long way in only a week! She's really starting to warm to us, walks well, is getting house trained (though the cold winter weather doesn't help that), and is starting to play with Toki and Poppy, our other dogs. Plus, she's a cutie.


This is her first time watching TV, she was enthralled.

Sleeping with the pack.

Trying on her newly knitted sweater.

EDIT: Forgot to talk about names. We debated a long time over what to name her. Took us most for the week to decide. Contenders were: Kiwi, Roxy, Peanut, Chickpea, and others. We eventually decided on Luna because: 1) She's french. 2) Her slight off-white coat looks very moon-like. There you have it.

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  1. Good luck man. I for one am all jaded with respect to this whole "pets" fad.