Monday, February 15, 2010

Overheard at McDonald's

While on the topic of McDonald's, I was there the other day and it was fairly clear most of the staff was new and under training. These were two of the conversations going on as I stood there (remember, this McDonald's is inside the subway station).

Woman: Where's the washroom?
Supervisor: Right in the room you got changed.
Woman: Shh. Ya right.
Supervisor: No it is, there's a stall in the room.
Woman: Oh my gosh, seriously? This place is so tiny.

Supervisor: Now, you have to start a new pot as soon as the old one gets down to here.
Man: Ok
Supervisor: The thing about this store is that it's all about the coffee. You run out of coffee, you die.
Man: Ok.
Supervisor: I mean literally die, because the store is so full of customers wanting coffee.

Ha! Literally die.
That is all.

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