Monday, October 19, 2009

A Gathering of Forces

Adam and Ester arrived in Toronto on Friday! Ester is the Maid of Honour, and Adam is the Bridesman. The wedding party is now complete! It was nice to see Adam again, who we last saw in Japan.

They came a week early in order to join us for the Bachelor(ette) party! That's right, a stag and doe.

We all met Adam at the airport bringing with us a balloon with "Welcome Home" on it and a sign that read: "The Motherf**kn' Mentalist!" (why?) He was suitably impressed.

We went out to dinner, hitting our old university bar of choice, Ein-Stein, followed by New Ho King.
Here's my finacee's fortune cookie fortune from New Ho.
Stop procrastinating - starting tomorrow? Seriously? Was that a joke, or just unfortunate. Maybe I'll post it to failblog.

UPDATE: And I have.

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