Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday - Them: The Battle!

So, while we took our family trip to the coast the others stayed in Seoul for "The Battle".

Adam has been in training of late and feels that he is in excellent shape and has also been honing his basketball skills. Branko and Daniel are also basketball players, and play in a league as well as several 3 on 3 tournaments.

Well, Adam had been talking trash for days saying he could school Branko. He also figured that since he had been training in the heat of California, that he would be less affected by the Seoul climate than Toronto-living Branko. Branko took the smack with grace for days, saying that they would just settle it on the court. Well, Wednesday was the day.

I believe the day started with a sleep-in; the first anyone had had in days. I wish I we could have also slept in, but we were on our road trip. I don't know all the particular details of the day, but I imagine it started with Paris Baguette and E-mart, the contender's breakfast favourites. Then The Battle was on. Not wanting to do anything half-assed, they pulled out a camera and filmed each other in pre-game interviews. Adam continued to talk trash, and Branko opened up on him too. Daniel gave his own analysis of each, which lead to him calling Adam "The Mentalist", due too his ability to get into his opponents heads. Adam loved this name and it stuck as he continued, for the rest of the trip, to refer to himself as "the mentalist". He's now even contemplating a tattoo of it somewhere.

The Contenders

Two my fiancee's friends joined them, and they went out to the court. They had unfortunately picked the hottest day we had had so far to play. It was brutal for them. They were thoroughly exhausted by the end. Again, the whole thing has been recorded and will likely be stringed together with the interviews and posted on YouTube at some point. I will post a link when it is.

Adam's trash talking? Worthless. :) Branko took him down. They played to 35 I think, and the final score was I believe 35-16. We got a good laugh at that when we made it home and found out the score. I think it was a good ego boost for Branko, and rather karmic considering the trash he had taken for days.

After the battle, they all hung out, went to dinner, and drinks in Itaewon I believe. Not really sure of the details except that Branko got really drunk and hit what he calls, "Buzz kill zone", and stopped having fun. The turning point for him was where spilling his drink over himself. The girls also played Marry, Fuck, Kill on Branko, Adam, and Daniel. They were all in complete agreement, so the guys spent the next few days trying to figure out who was who. Turns out Marry was Branko and Adam was Kill. As I said, I don't know all of the details past that as we didn't end up joining them due to Aunts and crazy Seoul traffic.

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