Monday, July 20, 2009

An Explanation

It occurred to me that maybe I haven't given much background for this Asian Adventure. Probably should have been my first post of this series, but you'll just have to read it now.

My fiancee is still in Korea teaching, where I visited her back in October/November. She's coming back soon, but I wanted to come see her again before she left, and I brought some of our friends. We decided on a weeks stay in Seoul, followed by a couple of days on the beach in Busan, and then a flight to Tokyo.

The suspects include:

  • Daniel - Best man at our wedding
  • Branko - One of the groomsmen
  • Adam - One of the bridesmen, he's been living in California a few years so we haven't seen him in a while
  • Amber - Who will be joining us for the Busan and Tokyo part of the trip. She's a former co-worker of Daniel's who is also teaching in Seoul.
  • Kevin - One of our friends who will be in Japan for a few weeks, so we're meeting up with him and he'll be staying in the same hostel a couple of nights.
I now return you to the trip.

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