Monday, July 20, 2009

My fiancee's Goodbye

My fiancee's last day of class was today (she still has her summer school starting in 2 weeks). I think she is really going to miss the kids. She really quite loves teaching. She got a lot of presents today, including a rather blinged out USB drive. She also got a lots of notes and letters from her students thanking her and wishing her well. She really enjoyed reading them. Some were very short, some longer. The quality of the English varied with some particularly good students and others that were incomprehensible. She loved them all. Here are a few funny ones:

Hellow nice see you my name is [student's name] teacher! How old are you? It is joke. I'm ronaldo haha. Do you want to get my sign? Do you shy kkk oh very sexy. yuho, * have a nic day
good bye~

Hi teacher! My name is [student's name] (6th grade). My favorite food is spaghetti (spelling is right...?) What's your favorite food? I have a very cute younger sister. Her name is [sister's name], and she is 5th grade. We always fight. One day, my younger sister was very angry. So she shout at me. Of course my parents surprised. So they are teach to us "older sister is always love her sister, and younger sister is always respect her sister!" But... We are fight everyday! Ah! Teacher! Very thankyou for you teach. (? I think grammar isn't right... T-T T-T) And...Congratulation for your marry!
There were some others, one where the student misspelled hello as "Hellellow", another with the word "you're's", and another signed by a student calling himself "The Great Woo". Korean students take particular fun in inventing English names for themselves like "The Great Woo", "Small Boy Leader", "BMW", "Genesis", "Glory" and such.

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