Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Tourism: Part 3 - Dongdaemun and Dinner

After tea we ran off to the nearby Jogyesa Buddhist temple and looked around for a bit.

Walking and transportation

From there, it was a trip to Dongdaemun (the old east gate of the city) and the Cheonggye Stream (my previous trip here). We hung out for a few minutes and then walked into one of the buildings of the Dongdaemun Market to continue the quest fro Konglish Shirts.


The shot was "Pretend you're on a roller coaster". Branko did not raise his arms, saying he would be scared. Theother shot is the up motion we made all trip from when someone's story was good. A down motion meant boring or lame.

The retailers in the market were very, um, enthusiastic. We were quite obviously tourists, and they all wanted our sales. They were most impressed with Daniel, and when they would ask where we were from, and here Canada, they would pull out these off-colour Canada shirts. It was amusing. I saw a few shirts I liked, but none of them really fit me.

From here we went back home as we were meeting my fiancee's fake aunt and cousin for dinner. She called them fake as they aren't really her aunt and cousin. They are related, though somewhat distantly. Her aunt is definitely an Ajumma, something even her children have told my fiancee. She usually asks a lot of very forward and nosy questions, but we didn't get too much of that, probably because of the size of our group and the language barrier. We ate at the same nearby bbq place of awesomeness and my fiancee thinks her aunt was trying to make her cousin flirt with Branko, despite her having a boyfriend, as she kept telling her to talk with Branko and give him more food and drink. Funny.

Afterwards we wandered off to the nearby Texas Palms bar to meet a few of my fiancee's friends in Korea. We drank for a while there. There was a little girl who kept walking up behind us to see us but would run whenever we turned around to say hi. It was funny and cute. I started to get pretty tired, so we went back home while Adam, Daniel and Branko stayed out a bit. They didn't end up doing too much, Branko had a craving for Lotteria, the fast food place we introduced him to for lunch at the mudfest. They ate and then came home, but forgot the door code and the phone number, so had to go to the PC Bang and find out how to get in from one of my fiancee's friends online. So ended the busy Tuesday.

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