Sunday, July 19, 2009

Arrival In Korea

The flight was long, but I got some sleep, which was good because we landed Saturday afternoon (Seoul time) and had evening plans.

We got to my fiancee's place, showered, and went off to the awesome bbq place next to her apartment. After eating, we took off for Itaewon, the foreigner district to a wine bar that had a comedy night going on. When we got there we discovered that it was standing room only, despite our deposit paid reservations. We didn't want to stand there so we got a refund (as they clearly hadn't reserved a table for us), and took off for another bar.

mmmnn, Korean bbq

We hit the "Rock and Roll" bar, which was fairly empty and had a drink or two and played some pool. After that we left for Hongdae, the university/clubbing area, and went to a bar called Bar Gab. We hung out there for a while, drinking their insanely cheap drinks (2000 won for a rum and coke = ~$2). A few people ventured out of the tested drink area for some dirty martinis, one of which I drank when abandoned by its owner.

We then migrated to Go Go's for some dancing. Good times. With our 5:30 am wake up call, and our 17 hour trip from Toronto, we called it a night at 1am-ish and headed home. A good first night.

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