Friday, July 17, 2009

Heading To Korea

My Korean Adventure Part 2 started today. Korea and Japan! I'm so excited to see my fiancee, who is beyond awesome in everything.

The airport. First off, I was unable to connect to Pearson's free Wifi. Not really sure what was wrong. I hit up the Wifi of the restaurant we were sitting at, but it required pay. Well mostly anyway. Strangely I could go to the UofT webmail interface without being redirected to their payment splash page. Also, it looked like I was able to post to twitter so I posted some funny comments from Branko and Daniel. Branko said something about being the next Scully. With Daniel's blank stare, he continued: "You know, the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson." Daniel: "Oh, I was thinking the X-files. I thought, well I guess you could dye your bush red." I think you can all now get a taste of what this trip will be like.

At security, I got stopped after the metal detectors (which found nothing) and patted down rather extremely by the guard. Very thorough. He said to me, "I just to give you a special massage." Thank god I was in an open public place or I would really have pretty freaked out. Not too sure why I was stopped. I'm assuming random checks. Either that or I look like a total drug runner. I'll be sure never to get a job as a mule. And here I thought I looked to unassuming and geeky.

After that, the baggage check guy stopped me and opened my backpack to examine both the tin of Gatorade powder (I imagine it would show up odd on the X-ray), and check my skin cream, which was of an allowable size. Between that and the slow moving family in front of me, Branko and Daniel, who went to another line, finished way ahead of me and had to wait, laughing, at my pat down that included examining my waistline to make sure nothing concealed in my pants.

Anyhow, on the plane now listening to Pearl Jam. Will hopefully post this when I hit Vancouver.

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