Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Korean Adventure: Monday - The Day of Rest

Monday was recovery day (read lazy) as my fiancee and I had a fair bit of pain in our legs from the mountain on Sunday. Unfortunately she had school, but I just stayed home and caught up on a few things (including some blogging).

All of the teachers were asking where I was, apparently expecting me to be in everyday for my two weeks.

When she got home from school, we decided not to do anything intense and just went out and wandered her neighborhood a bit. Her bed is rather uncomfortable, so we stopped by a few bedding stores to find a good deal on some extra padding for the mattress. We also took a look at the bike she wanted, but the sketchy owner quoted her a higher price than a few weeks prior, so she turned him down. We walked along the Mokdong Rodeo drive where you can see markedly more expensive array of stores than the other streets. I've noticed that the crosses on top of most churches in Korea are in fact bright fluorescent lights. You see them all over the place looking out any sufficiently high window. The one Catholic church I saw later in the week did not appear to have a light up cross though.

The streets of Seoul

Rodeo Drive and a church at night.

We came back home and hit the tasty bbq place we had gone to the last week. mmmmmmnn.

Korean BBQ is so much better and has much more food in Korea than in Toronto (I know, hardly surprising).

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