Thursday, November 13, 2008

Korean Adventure: Field Trip Tuesday

I was back at school on Tuesday as I was invited to go along with the grade five field trip to a ceramic and pottery school in Yeoju. The teachers had it made on this field trip. We travelled as a small convoy of buses, and the driver had Princess Mononoke playing for the kids on the way there and Shark's Tale the way back. The grade five teacher on our bus (and us as well) fell asleep. When we got there, the staff there took care of anything. The teachers were given a side room where we got to hang out the whole afternoon. We started with a huge lunch that had been supplied for us by several of the children's parents! Man, teachers have a lot more respect in Korea than here. After lunch, while the kids made their pottery, we got to paint cups and then had a try at the pottery wheel. The cups and vases will be delivered to the school in a few weeks, meaning that I won't seen mine for a while. But still, it was really fun. In the evening, we met my fiancee's one cousin for dinner. He was quite nice and luckily spoke English well.

Some of the art on display from students

Our Cups

The pottery wheel

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