Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rain Is Good

So, as anyone living in the city knows, Toronto has been getting record amounts of rain this summer, and will possibly break the year precipitation record considering the amounts of snow we got this winter. While many of my co-workers and friends have complained about the nearly constant storms, I'm personally loving it. Why?

  1. It's keeping the temperature down. My apartment is blazingly hot during the summer, but this year has been pretty good except for a week here and there.
  2. Rainbows! After going several years without seeing rainbows, I've spotted several this summer, including a double rainbow.
  3. Green Grass. After last summers all most record breaking dryness, it's nice to see the intense green of people's lawns. Also, the city doesn't have to waste money telling people not to waste too much water on trying to keep the lawn green.
  4. Fewer smogs days. The rain and temperatures have kept Toronto's skies fairly clear.
  5. Lake levels up. Now, I haven't gotten a chance to go camping this summer, but I'm sure that if I had, I would appreciate the rising water levels getting back to where they were a few years ago (they've been getting quite low the past few years)
So, there we are. Now, most the people I know who most vocally complain of this rain, also seem to be the ones who figure they'd rather live in Vancouver than Toronto, so figure that one out.

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