Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dark Knight

I went out and saw The Dark Knight last night. Packed theatre on a Tuesday night. As I've said, this thing is making mad cash. I have to say, it was very good. Very very good. Perhaps a tad long, but I didn't particularly mind. There wasn't wasted time in any case.

It had a stronger feel of Batman than the last movie too. The reason of course is that the last movie was playing out his origins. Now that he's here, he's Batman. The example of this is his interaction with the police force and Gordon in particular. He shows up suddenly at crime scenes, conducts his investigation, and disappears. Very much like the comics. The bulky suit, which I slightly disliked from Batman Begins, gets replaced with a slightly more streamlined version (which I still don't love, but it's a minor point). The fight scenes were different, less jumpy, allowing the viewer to see more. I fully understand the tight, fast, and almost invisible fights of Batman Begins, it worked perfectly for illustrating his Ninja training and style. That being said, the fights were more impressive this time around.

Aaron Eckhart made an excellent Harvey Dent, and Twoface. His fall was well done and painful.

Heath Ledger did a very good job as the Joker. He was scary, powerful, and insane. I don't quite think Oscar sure-thing as some people are saying. I don't want to belittle his performance (which was excellent), but I believe that had he not died, fewer people would be talking Oscars, especially fewer suggesting it before the movie was even released and having not seen screeners themselves.

But, an excellent movie, with excellent jobs done all round. I highly recommend.

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