Saturday, July 19, 2008

Red Dragon Desires

We started on the process of gift registry for our wedding and went to The Bay to see what they have, etc.. They hook us up with a large package of paperwork and guides and stuff, including this one:

White Dove Dreams, Red Dragon Desires
The Ultimate Wedding Planning Resource for the Chinese Canadian Bride

I kinda like how the associate we were talking to just slipped it into our folder. My fiancee is Asian, but not Chinese, and was born in Canada, but often gets people assuming she is Chinese, with the occasional question like, "Are you from the mainland?" And while it doesn't bother her particularly, I find it slightly amusing that the sales associate we were dealing with was also Asian and made the same assumption. What I find funniest though, is the book's title.

Also quotes like this:
"As you and your fiance embark on this great new adventure together, you'll be faced with a seemingly never-ending stream of choices - Should we serve the braised sliced abalone with black mushrooms or the braised sea cucumber with black mushrooms? Should we use red or gold or pink-coloured ribbon to tie the bonbonnieres? Should we seat Mr. and Mrs. Wong with Mr. and Mrs. Chang or Mr. and Mrs. Yip?"

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