Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fire In The Disco!

So, both my family and my fiancee's, like to keep a lot of stuff. You really never know when something might be useful. Anyhow, we've debated occasionally about which family is worse. I must say, my family (myself included) has quite a large collection of stuff. Her case, however, was somewhat made when I helped her parents move and discovered that they threw out nothing. The point was sealed just the other day when we were at their place and discovered a still shrink-wrapped 8 track in one of their kitchen drawers. Now, as I just said, they recently moved, and they don't own an 8 track player, thus they must have realised they still owned it, and had no way to play it, and still decided to keep it.

Regardless, it looks to be an awesome tape!

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