Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hockey Night In Russia!

Last night was hockey night!

A few of my friends are in a hockey league and had a game last night at Ricoh Coliseum. Their team is the Brew Masters and they were playing their first game against the Red Army. This is a rather intimidating team appearance-wise as they have several fairly large players and wear uniforms reading C.C.C.P., complete with hammer and sickle. To talk our boys (and girl) up, my wife put her awesome creative skills to use making inspirational posters. The common theme was the defeat of communist icons, suck as a Godzilla attack on Moscow, Stalin frozen in ice, and the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

We taped these up on the boards and cheered on the Brew Masters. After a dominating first and second period, the Red Army got their second wind and managed to win the game (2/3 of their goals in the 3rd), but I still feel they were unnerved by the posters. We also used shouts like, "Communism only works in theory!" and, "You'll go bankrupt before you win!". Ya, that's right.

One of the refs loved the posters and wanted to take pictures.

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