Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paris Bits And Pieces

Here are a few bits and pieces (10 of them) from our Paris trip:

1. At MacDonald's in Paris you can get beer with your combos! They have cans of 1664. Also, the offer "Deluxe Potato" Wedges! as an optional substitute to regular fires. Oh, and the quarter pounder is called the Royal.

2. At the modern art exhibit in the Pompidou Centre we saw a braille edition of Playboy. I guess some people do read it for the articles.

3. A painting of Zombie Jesus at the Louvre!

4. We walked past this truly ginormous door on the street.

5. There are a lot of carefully manicured trees everywhere. And a lot of them are shaped into cubes

6. Doorman dressed in RCMP uniform outside of Crazy Horse.

7. OS Ad wars on the Metro!

8. The courtesy computers at the hotels had these crazy, French, barely usable Mac keyboards that messed up my typing the whole week. It makes sense to have special characters be the number row default, requiring you to shift to get numbers. I mean, French uses a lot of special characters compared to English, and there's always the side number pad. But why no qwerty? Look where the 'M' is! And why is the period the shift of the semi-colon key?! Weirdness.

9. Softdrinks. Fanta without bubbles?! And "Cowboy" and "Indian" flavoured Orangina?

10. Halloween is apparently not big there. But we brought costumes anyway. There was a club that offered free entry with a costume. French people get seriously drunk. There were girls passing out in the middle of the dance floor and a girl sitting on the floor of the washroom. Also, all up and down the streets we saw more and more evidence of seriously trashed young people. It was like spring break of Frosh week or something, except it was just a Saturday night in October! They party hard...harder than they can handle.

There you have it.

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  1. Wow, so the French actually drink Kronenbourg! I assumed it was like Fosters or Heineken ... mostly for export.

    Fast food and beer though ... wow, I'm pretty sure France is the pinnicle of human civilization.