Friday, May 15, 2009

The Future Mac

New Mac vs. PC commercial. In this one, PC travels to the future, 2150, to see if PCs are now more stable. Sadly, it turns out they aren't. But really, you can spin these commericals in any way you choose. What find more interesting are these:

  1. PCs seem to have vastly superior technology than Macs, with the ability to time travel. In fact, not only does the Mac lack this technology, but he seems surprised at its mere existance. Clearly inferior.
  2. Apparently in the year 2150, Macs still have such a low percentage of the market share that they still must contend with PCs in these commercials. Further, Apple has yet to come up with a new innovative advertising campaign, instead relying on the same old format used since 2006.

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