Thursday, October 23, 2008

Korea Here I Come

Posted from the Vancouver airport upon my arrival.

So, here I am on my flight to Korea. In flight for ~20 minutes now. I won't be posting this until sometime after my arrival, as I have no internet at the moment. The detected "Free Public WiFi Wireless Connection" is somewhat deceptive, as I can in no way connect to it, making it somewhat less than a public connection. It is however free, I suppose.

Anyway, here I sit listening to the new Alanis Morissette album, which the entertainment system offers and I decided to give a try. It was listed at the top, I'll descend into the list shortly and see what they offer.

The family just the the right of me has a portable DVD player showing The Fox And The Hound, baby seems content.

I'm quite excited by this trip, and plan to take many a picture. Can't wait to see my fiancee, who continues to remain nameless in the blog world at her wishes. So, only another 17 plus a bit hours until I see her. Awesome!

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