Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rock Stars and Cab Drivers

So I went to a fundraiser this past weekend to support my friend Natasha's roller derby team, Chicks Ahoy! Yup, Toronto has a women's roller derby league. Anyhow, it was at the Cadillac Lounge on Queen Street. We drank, went there, drank, supported the team thorough the purchase of raffle tickets and the participation in contests, and came home.

One contest was a Rock Band competition. I've never played before, but I have played Guitar Hero. There were prizes for the best individual in each difficulty level: a shirt, movie passes, and a copy of Guitar Hero 3 for easy, medium, and hard respectively. Anyhow, my band did fairly well, scoring second place in score but dropping to third by the end of the night. But, my individual percentage got me into a face off with another guy for best medium player. Guess who walked away with the win and two movie passes? Oh ya, me baby! I can now claim I've won a rock band contest, how geeky is that?! Anyhow, my fiancee did the lyrics during my faceoff song and got 100%!! She's awesome, and disappointed that that didn't get her a prise, but unfortunately they didn't count the other players ranks on the tie breaker songs, since it was to decide between the two of us. Jipped! Oh well, she still walked away from the evening with a Chicks Ahoy! Tshirt.

Then I got hit by a taxi. Ya.

Five of us were trying to get home, and the street car wasn't coming, so we flagged a taxi driving by to see if he would take five. He wouldn't. While the others were talking to him, I walked a few feet into the street to look and see if the street car was in sight. I will say, I looked both ways first and the street was completely empty apart from the stopped taxi! A taxi that was facing away from me! Well, taxi dude decided that he needed to back up without looking. I don't even know why he backed up! He wanted to pull a uturn, but it was a completely empty street!!! He could've pulled it from where he was! There was no need for him to throw it into reverse. Regardless, he didn't even check his damn mirror! I hear people yell my name, next thing I know I have a car bumper hitting my leg. Now, taxi dude boy hadn't gained any speed, and was going into reverse, so it barely hurt, but still, the stupid driver drove into me!!! He left shortly after, but only after one of us asked him, "Now will you take five?".

Anyhow, good night overall. Oh, and if anyone wants to avoid a cab driver who apparently doesn't look before he drives, AEFY 668 is the plate.

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