Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cooper the Bloor St Cat

So on Bloor St. near Christie, there is this cat who hangs out on the street. He's a bit of a local celebrity, with people stopping and asking how he is today. Others come by and have their picture taken with him. He's pretty much there everytime I walk by. He's named Cooper. How do I know? He has a sign posted explaining his presence.

You see this cat? He is Cooper. He is not lost or hungry. He lives right here at 648 Bloor. He has a cat door and can come and go when he likes. He loves people and especially loves hearing how beautiful he is. Who Doesn't? So, feel free to hang out with him. Cooper has food restrictions so please do not feed him. He is also microchipped so don't take him - he will be traced. Cooper has been mooching for food like this for 11 years. But pats + praise is all he really needs. On behalf of the cat--thanks

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