Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Web Browsers

I'm just going to make a quick mention of Opera. This is an awesome and under-utilized web browser. I've been maing more use of it lately, and it's just nice to use. It's got tabs that are fast loading. It remembers what pages I was on after restarting. It actually displays pages correctly. Seriously, this thing actually works.

You see, I recently had a few run ins with IE over some css, I got annoyed. Firefox also often points out it's issues to me.

I first started using Opera at work when viewing these immense result files from our automated testing that would crash IE or Firefox before they could load half of them. We did some work to reduce the file size, but even then, those browsers were slow to load them. Opera however, took the files, even the full sized originals, and loaded them fine. It's a fast, quality program. After some reading (over my IE css issues), I also discovered that Opera was even the 4th broweser to pass the Acid2 css test. (Test your browser here! Though I can tell you now IE and Firefox fail.)

So, I've been using Opera. Not for everything. Clearly Firefox has a lot going for it considering all the web developer extensions. But I'll see where I go with Opera.

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