Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Even More Snow

So, we got another major snow storm over the weekend. March?! We usually loose all our snow by mid-February in Toronto nowadays. It's quite impressive. We've almost beat the record for Toronto snow fall set in 1939. In fact, as there is some amount of snow due at the end of the week, so we may beat it yet, though I think it's unlikely.

So, most people I've talked to are definitely ready for the winter to end. Most are very tired of shoveling. Me? I'm loving it. There has been a distinct lack of snow for most of the past few winters, and I like snow, so this has been nice.

I don't even really mind shoveling too much either. Some would say that that's because I have no driveway to shovel (well, we have one in the back, but no cars to use it, so…), but then again, I have a very long house with a narrow walkway along the side which needs clearing, so I think that's just as bad. After this storm, I had quite the digging job to cut a path through. The front yard is starting to get amusing too, as the piles are getting large enough that I don't know where I’ll put any more snow if it comes.

The lane way, which often gets 3 feet deep for the whole length. (I should have had someone stand there for a height comparison, but it is deep)

The snow pile out front.

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