Thursday, April 22, 2010

D&D Encounters Session 6

Last night was the 6th session of D&D: Encounters. It was short, very short. Why you ask? Because we managed to eradicate the monsters in very short order.

We were a man short for the evening, so the DM removed one of the monsters from the fight. What was left were 3 artillery demons and 2 others demons. Didn't really get to find out what the other two were as they died very quickly. The flying artillery monsters opened up combat with some recharge encounter powers which let them fire off 3 shots. The combine 9 attacks put three of us seriously low on hitpoints, thus on the cleric's turn he fired off a daily power to give us all resistance 5, healed me back up to full, and gave the monk a much needed save (he blew an action point to do all this). The monk then charged in and let loose a daily targeting the two non-artillery demons. He rolled two 20s, and the double crit removed both from the map. I ran up two one of the remaining three and missed, but our Psion at the back opened up on one of the last three, which were apparently vulnerable to his psychic attack and was bloodied. Action point and repeat. They fired again, but only one was able to recharge the triple-shot power. The cleric then healed the monk, who delayed until after the Psion went again, scoring a crit and killing one demon. Then the monk went a finished the others off. It was all over and I only got one action, but what a fight to witness.

Oh, and to plug once more, the monk in our party has a (more detailed) post on the encounter on

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