Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Sound Of Scouts (and Politics)

I've been hearing Do-Re-Mi on the TV non-stop lately. Advertising blitz for the Sound of Music which is wrapping up its Toronto production. Anyway, it reminds me of the variants of it we used to sing in Scouts. The twinkie songs was very popular at a particular summer camp run at Woodland Trails call Adventureland and from there spread out to the area groups. No idea where it originated but it can be found around the web.

Anyway, as I knew it:

Dough, the stuff, you make twinkies out of
Ray, the guy who sells me twinkies
Me, the guy, who buys Ray's twinkies
Far, a long long way to twinkies
So, I think I'll have some twinkies
La, La La La La La twinkies
Tea, No thanks I'll have some twinkies
That will bring us back to Dough! twinkie twinkie twinkie dough
As Scouts, not Cubs, we of course had our own, non-camp fire, variant:
Dough, the stuff, you buy drugs with
Ray, the guy who deals me drugs
Me, the guy, Ray deals drugs to
Far, a long long way to drugs
So, I think I'll have some drugs
La, La La La La La drugs (with La's sung in dopey voice)
Tea, No thanks I'll have some drugs
That will bring us back to......drugs (again, drugs sung dopily)
All of this has also reminded me of politics. Let me explain.
First off, lately there has been some talk about the possibility of compulsory unpaid vacation days for government workers as a cost cutting measure, or "Dalton Days" if you will (after Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty for any non-Ontarians reading). This of course brings back memories of "Rae Days" from the early 90s (which as a kid I loved as I got a week off of school), and as such reminds me of this piece, that I strangely remember, that was printed in a Toronto newspaper during that recession (probably the Star...don't know...I was young):
Dough, a buck, a loonie buck
Rae, Ontario's Premier
Me, a man who needs a job
Far, where I should move from here
So, I can be employed
L.A., or down to Mexico
Tea, I'd drink, not H2O
If I only had some Dough!
So there. I have now coupled The Sound of Music, Scouting, and Ontario Politics together in song. Perhaps I should hit up Broadway?

This, by the way, is in no way a judgement about Dalton McGuinty or Bob Rae. I have my own political leanings, but this is not the post in which I will go into them.

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