Monday, October 12, 2009

Where No Wedding Has Gone Before

Well, the post title probably isn't true. There are a lot of geeks out there. But anyhow, I reveal here, our wedding cake topper:

That's right. Star Trek wedding cake topper! Would you believe that it wasn't even my idea? My fiancee's. She's awesome. She's not a huge Star Trek fan, but quite enjoyed watching it with me over the past couple of years. Worf is her favourite character, so that's her. I went with data, more by process of elimination of who I wouldn't be.

Anyhow, it's on a light-up rotating base which we bought at Michaels. The base was just simple plastic with a couple of LEDs sitting on the top, so it needed a bit of work. She put on the trim, added the blue filter top, attached the figures, and prepared Worf's veil and bouquet. Where would our wedding be without her crafty skills?

It will be truly awesome at the wedding!

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