Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding Favours

We debated for a while on wedding favours. Edible or not? Do people really want something they can keep of the day? Probably most don't. In my experience, the memento is nice, but I have too much crap anyway, and so do I really need a favour from someone else's wedding 10 years from now?

So the debate turned into, edible or useful. If it's not something you can eat, we figured at least make it something you will use.

Wine Bottle stoppers? That was a possibility for a long while, but we eventually said no as surely not all of our guests drink wine, or even drink at all.

So, we went with edible. Cookies? We thought about a cookie table, but the logistics weren't great and besides, it was just like another desert table. We thought about a small package of wrapped cookies, but that didn't seem too stylish. Truffles? I know a bunch of people who have given truffles, but they're so tasty that I can forgive any possible cliche. And a tasty truffle we found:

Delight - Handmade Fair Trade Organic Chocolates!
Photos from their site. Hope they don't mind as I am singing their praises.

Delight is an awesome little shop in the Junction. The staff are really nice and the treats are amazing. We bought most of the truffles they had available and sampled them until we picked our favourite two. Their list of flavour is quite long, it was a fairly tough decision, but we made the tasting sacrifice. They'll make them, package them, and even do the ribbon and thank you card, what service!

What two flavours you ask? Well that's a secret for now, but they are awesome. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a chocolaty treat.

UPDATE: Here's a photo of the boxed favours along with our note to guests. Also, the flavours revealed: Extra Dark Chocolate, and Masala Chai Chocolate. They're so good.

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