Saturday, February 28, 2009

English Shirts From Korea

As promised, the shirts my fiancee brought back from Korea. I've mentioned Korean English shirts before. Sometimes they are filled with seemingly random English words or sentences. Sometimes not even English words, just English characters. Sometimes they are mostly correct, but with something off or just plain weird about them. Dictionary definitions of words or items seem also to be common.

This first one she didn't bring with her. One of her students was wearing it at an awards assembly and she snapped a photo.

"I brake for reindeer."

Now for the English shirts she brought over:
Note the completely nonsensical text under the photo: "Piu'spazio". Oh, and the back of this shirt, for those who are unsure of what a camera is:

Here's another, this one the word "freshness" and it's dictionary definitions:
I have no idea what this one means:
"Arse - He is stopped on the street by people who see him regularly on TV [European Mans]"


Good to know

Who indeed.

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