Saturday, November 15, 2008

Korean Adventure: Wednesday Goodbye Party

I went back into school with my fiancee on Wednesday. It was grade sixes, and I've already posted one of the videos from their classes. The main feature of the day was my goodbye. Though I was still going to be there Thursday, the principal and vp came by with a present for my fiancee and I. It was a pair of Korean masks that are given to couples. I'm not sure if they're given before marriage or as a wedding gift, or really any of the details, but they look cool and it was a really nice present. I will have to look into them more.

The teachers she shares her office with also gave us some presents: a set of mugs and cups, a jewelery box with traditional Korean inlay, and a rather nice cell phone charm. Have I mentioned that cell phone charms are big in Korea? No? Well they are. You can see them on sale pretty much everywhere. The gifts were really unexpected and unnecessary, but nice. My fiancee works with some really nice people.

They through me a small goodbye party in the evening. The one teacher offered her house and cooked an extraordinarily large and tasty dinner. We brought her flowers, desert, and some Canadian icewine, two of which were tasty (you didn't eat/drink flowers). I think the flowers and cake were paid for with the school credit card, the icewine was the last of the many bottles I brought as gifts. It was a very nice evening with good food, drink, and chatting. Like I said, very nice people.

Just Some Of The Food

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