Friday, November 7, 2008

Korean Adventure: Thursday

Thursday finished off the grade sixes at school. Nothing too exciting beyond what I've already described. It was amusing that all of the teachers were fairly subdued and didn't mention the previous day much. Party time is over.

I did get a bunch of questions about how I was feeling and if I was hungover. Truth be told, I think I was slightly hungover in the morning. Not bad, no headache or anything, but I felt slightly off. I decided to try this hangover drink that Korean drugstores sell called Condition. Not because I needed it, I was just curious. It's in a fairly small bottle and tastes like pineapple juice. No idea what's in it, or even if it works, since my head wasn't hurting, but it's pretty tasty. The guy at the drunk store seemed to be laughing as he sold it. Probably amused by the poor hungover foreigners.


Anyway, everyone at school was tired, so when classes finished, the principal excused everyone and we all got to leave early! Assah! We went to this Halloween costume store. Halloween is not a thing here, so the store caters mostly to foreigners this time of year. We needed a curly wig for my costume. My fiancee ended up not needing to say anything in English at the cash, and it came out very cheap, so she thinks she got the Asian discount. More on Halloween in the Halloween post.

We then wandered off to Homever (well, now Homeplus, they're just merged, but the sign hasn't changed), a Walmart like store not too far away to get food, drink, candy, and the last component of my costume, an Ajumma visor. We were serving sangria for the party, so we wanted some cheap red wine. We found some for 5000 won ($5 wine!). I don't know how good it is, but in sangria form it was fine.

We came home, cleaned for the party, and I blogged a bit. Easy night.

Update: At my goodbye dinner the other night, the one teacher who told me about condition just realized that you're meant to drink it BEFORE going out drinking to prevent hangovers. When she remembered, she broke out laughing and was nearly in tears. We however realized that the laughing drug store guy was probably actually laughing at us preparing to drink at 8am rather than at us being hungover. Amusing.

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