Saturday, August 30, 2008

Star Trek Voyager

One of my plans for the next year (I know, this is lame) is to watch Star Trek Voyager. This is the only Star Trek series where I have not watched every episode. I seriously disliked voyager while it was on the air. It started out quite strong (my opinion at the time was that it had one of the strongest first seasons of all the Star Treks), but got seriously lame as the seasons went on. I re-watched a bit of the first season a few years ago, and realised that it wasn't as good as I remembered it.

I really don't understand the people who actually like Voyager. In my opinion, it's the crappiest Star Trek. In fact, most people agree with me (except those who hate Enterprise despite never watching more than the first 3 episodes. Seriously, that series got GOOD, especially by the 4th season, which was awesome but unfortunately too little too late ratings-wise).

Regardless, I've decided to watch Voyager objectively and keep an open mind. I'm on the 3rd episode, and my original opinion apparently stands, this isn't bad. Not great, but how many Star Treks had a great first season (try re-watching 1st season of TNG, I dare you). I look forward to this, I think, though I'll see how it gets.

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