Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stumbled Upon An Awesome Evening

So, I've been using SumbleUpon in recent months and rather enjoying it. I have to admit, 80% of sites I stumble are either dumb, or not interesting or important to me, but sometimes you find some real gems. For instance, this evening I came across some advice for finding drivers of unknown hardware devices. You see, I brought a cheap computer a month ago to replace my one dead server and as it came with no operating system, I had to find drivers for a bunch of stuff. Now, I'm no expert at this, but after a fair bit of searching, I still couldn't find one for the onboard video card. While I didn't need the driver, as I usually remote desktop on to it when I need, it just annoyed me. So, this site happily taught me something I didn't know and got me the driver I needed.

To follow it up, I stumbled another site, that pretty much summed up my opinion of the latest Indiana Jones movie, and my life sans-cellphone. I'm fairly happy.

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