Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best Spore Creature

So, my friend Alex has a spanking new site, bestsporecreature.com. What is it? It's pretty self explanatory: a site where you get to vote on the top Spore Creatures!

I was shocked when I heard my friends conversing about their latest Spore creatures. Not because of their bizarre creations (though they were bizarre), but because I didn't realise that this game hadn't come out and passed away yet! I'm not particularly into the new and latest computers games, I'm still not entirely sure what Oblivion is (and I don't even think it counts as new anymore), but I have heard of Spore. At least, I had heard of it several years ago when it was announced. I seriously didn't realise that it's taken them this long. Anyway, so Spore has finally released their Creature Creator, with the actual game due out in September.

I will probably will never play it, and have no intention of buying it, but I must admit that it looks pretty cool. Plus, I have to make this post in a shameless attempt to help out Alex by getting more people on to his site, bestsporecreature.com.

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