Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gummies and Coolness

While studying for my last exam, I was eating a bag of Gummi Bears and pulled this one out.
Holy crap! Conjoined twin gummies!!! I decided that during this day of cramming compiler notes, this was by far the coolest thing I had seen. I mean, how many conjoined twin gummies could there be? I snapped a picture (as I love any excuse not to study) and decided to eat it, carefully nibbling it so that I ate only green, then yellow.

Back to studying....holy crap another one!!! Yup, there were two conjoined twin gummies in my package! This time, I ate the whole thing at once.

By far the awesomest thing of my day, perhaps my week. And no, I don't think that that's sad.

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