Monday, March 3, 2008

New Office

No posts for a week or so. It's been pretty busy. I pulled several day-long coding marathons in the labs with my team getting my latest compiler assignment done. But oh well.

Today though was the first day at my new office, the company I work for having moved over this past weekend. Hopefully the roof of this new building won't leak when it rains. Hopefully the elevators won't break down once a month stranding people between levels. Hopefully the temperature controls won't have us switching from sweaters to shorts during the course of the day.

We're in cubicles now though, but that doesn't really affect me too much, as I was sharing an office with two others before, and prior to that, my desk was in the hallway. Plus, the software team has walls separating them from everyone else (so we don't scare away people?). So all in all, not too bad. We also get these nice lock-cabinets for our stuff.

My desk

Things are still being organized a bit.

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