Thursday, February 7, 2008

Geekiness: Geek Test and Geek Code

So, I seem to score higher on the Geek Test every time I take it, which I guess proves that my life is a continuing expedition of geekiness. Anyhow, taking the test tonight scored me a 54.04339%, ranking me as a super geek. I guess my years as a comic book store employee paid off.

Anyhow, as an addition to taking the test, I decided to figure out my current Geek Code, as it's been quite a few years. I have to say, quickly, that the Geek Code is really starting to get out of date. X-Files and Babylon 5 have been off the air for some time, though I still love to watch B5. Further, when the Macintosh options include, "Macs suck. All real geeks have a character prompt," it's dating itself to pre-Mac OS X. Also, the sheer number of USENET related geek-ratings. The code is definitely in need of an update. Anyhow, I'll still post my code for kicks.

Version: 3.1
GCS/C d-(--) s+:- a- C++$ UL>++ P+ L+ E-(--) W++ N o-- K w(+) O---- M- V? PS++@ PE-(+) Y PGP- t++ 5+++ X- R++ tv+ b+ DI+ D+ G e++ h--- r++ y+++

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